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Swami Kripananda's Yoga Workshops and Yoga Retreats

During the retreats all students are given a comprehensive introduction to Yoga and Philosophy.
The retreats include yoga and breathing, lectures, posturing techniques healing meditations, kripa foundation postures.
In a typical weekend retreat, they will learn how to scientifically perform yoga exercises, how to reduce stress, have a healthy body and a wholesome spirit. There will be demonstrations on practical yoga techniques to help improve ones posture. Great attention will be given to detail, with special emphasis on inner movements while in the posture. The students will be taught how to make internal changes without compromising on the posture.
Great emphasis will be put on meditation techniques that will be used to bring the body into centering and help the participants achieve deeper levels of growth during the retreat.

There are 3 Levels of retreats as taught by Swamiji.
Level 1 for Beginners
Level 2 for Intermediate
Level 3 for Advanced

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