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A Student Testifies (2)

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Dear Swami, ( or may I say Swamiji),
Thank you so much for all these wonderful experiences I had the chance to have with you on Thursday and Sunday.
And thank you so much that my daughter could be with me.
She was "begeistert", I can't find the word...
Yesterday I was crying for hours. There was so much coming up from deep inside. And at 4 in the early morning I tried to meditate, but it was too cold-( I slept outside), so I gave up.
This morning I heard you in my sleep singing the OM - Mantra in regular terms, sometimes as loud as if you were just beside me, sometimes from far away. And I felt the energy like waves in my body. It was awesome. I was listening for a really long time- until there was nothing more to hear- and I felt a big gratitude. I thank you so much!
I hope you are well and I wish you will have a great time in Greece and wherever you will be...
I hope to hear you again singing in my dreams - it was "unbeschreiblich schön" - inexplicable, if that word makes any sense...?
A very big hug-I feel so much blessed-thank you so much!
 (Name Witheld)
Hi Swami,
Actually I am really not yet back in my German life for all my Greek
adventures and experiences are still wide awake inside me. The Sunday
retreat with you was one of the most special and important events I had in
When we came to Seagull Bay to attend the retreat I did not have the
slightest idea of what would happen. So I also had no questions at all and I
was just as inexperienced as unprejudiced sitting in our chair circle. 
I felt open and free to learn and see things that I did not know before, and
certainly I was also curious to do some "professional meditation", because I
know that I can - without knowing anything about meditation at all - very
easily relax.
When we started meditation sitting upright on our chairs it was not
difficult for me to close my eyes and to walk into my inner self. And
although I did not fell asleep I did not realize anymore the other people
around me very soon after we had started. I realized that sometimes you were
near my body and I felt that you touched me carefully to let me slip into
other positions until I finally was on the floor. When I was laying on the
floor it happened that I could not feel my hands and arms, my feet and legs
anymore. I was deeply relaxed but at the same time aware that something was
happening to me. When my arms and legs "came back" to me some sort of
prickling ran through my hands and feet as if there was much energy working
in them. 
Another thing was that invisible cushion that occurred around my breast and
throat. It already started to develop while I was still sitting on the
chair, when you put my head back and let it there for a while. This cushion
was around me until the end of meditation. I don't know what it was.
Of course I am very interested how you have perceived my sort of being, how
you realize and watch me.
All I experienced in your retreat also gave me lots of emotional situations
afterwards. The first emotions during the three following days after retreat
were relaxation, happiness, inner calmness and some kind of stability. Two
days before we left Kos and went by ferry to Kalymnos, I suddenly got very
stirred up and was near to tears, and I really don't know why this happened,
because I was not really unlucky at all.
So what to do with all this? Surely I examined my life in this context and
tried to find out, what I like to keep in my life and what I want to change.
On the whole I am satisfied und happy with my life and I can enjoy all that
is given to me. But sometimes I also feel lonesome and wish I had a partner
to share my life, love and adventures with. On the other hand I have many
friends sharing special moments with me and giving me precious moments. So
why worry? But sometimes I worry anyway, because - you already said it right
in the retreat - I think, feel AND desire. Botheration! 
So when you are visiting Germany I am very eager to take part in some
retreat. Düsseldorf is not far away from my home. Only 40 minutes. I think I
can find all necessary information about your journey and retreats on 
Facebook. Otherwise perhaps we can mail.
Now I have written such a lot stuff and I hope you understand all I have
written because it is awfully difficult to express those deep experiences in
a non native language. But language is always only a bridge at all, it can
never work exactly.
I hope you will keep on having a good time in Greece,
many dear hugs and precious thoughts for you,
P.S. If you like to share my thoughts with other people feel free to do so.
I am totally open-minded and uncomplicated in such things.

Sabine, the hairdresser in Germany, gave her testimonial from her experiences.
This is the translation.
My first thoughts and feelings with Swami:

First contact:  introduction to Yoga……thought: a normal man of friendly and cheerful nature.
Second contact: Meditation…….feelings: sitting comfortable on a chair, closed eyes. Swami passes my place, I don’t hear him, I don’t see him, but I feel him. He walks behind me…….warmth is flowing from my right to my left shoulder……….very pleasant ............. he stays in front of me…….warmth everywhere………..my head wants to go to the right side……everything feels all right………..I am sitting, bended to the right side, my head is also falling to the right side, very uncomfortable…………..I bear it for minutes…….I have no will to straighten up again………….then the feeling to be pressed to the floor………but nobody touches me………I am sinking deeper and deeper and more and more to the right side………..then Swami is there……….he holds me and lays me on the floor………I feel warmth, deepest relaxation, security………with every breath I sink more and more in this wonderful feeling……..
 The sound of the singing bowls………….then request of Swami to take place at the chairs again………
I am totally calm.
My thoughts:
I want to experience this feeling again……….I will meditate regularly ………
Thank you for this affirmative (positive) Yoga experience!”


David from Washington State,  gives his testimonial here:


My name is David D. I have a background in machining, physics and math, as well as some experiments in high energy electrical physics. I also have an interest in SCUBA diving as well as an interest in alternative health.

I met Swami K. the other day with my girl friend Ariel on a trip to Mt. Rainier, to gather "Glacial Milk". As we were chatting the conversation turned to scientific measurements. We decided to see if any of my rudimentary electrical instrumentation could "pick up" any electrical effect on an energy healing, that Swami K was planning on performing on Ariel. The results were both surprising and reminiscent of certain theories of Electrical Physics, that can be traced back to Nikola Tesla, as well as at least a dozen other luminaries in electrical physics.
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In May 2008, Swamiji was tested with a biofeedback machine while he was conducting a Yoga Meditation Retreat in West Seattle. This is what the facilitator of the project had to say of Swamiji:

"I have tested 38 people on EPFX device and Swami Kripananda was 39th. I am attaching the two most dramatic differences that I have spotted between his and the other 38 people who were tested.
The first spotted difference was related to the aura. All 38 results more or less are looks like to the first attached Photo. They are  dense red-orange-yellow, with spotted disturbances (two big circles) on it. Swami's aura is light and bluish without disturbance on it.
The second one is unbelievable high level of LIGHT OF SPIRIT (third picture). Basically I had the level under the red line."   Sona Ato.

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Lynne Peterson
GE Global Rail Operations
Adecco Technical, NA

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At the time I met Swamiji I had been practicing Yoga for 8 years and although this practice enhanced my life greatly I longed for something deeper, something to reach my heart.
I started praying for a teacher, a guru, to come into my life to help guide me in my search for meaning, for truth. The universe sent me Swami Kripananda and my life hasn't been the same since.
Swamiji's hands are his gift for healing. One touch allows you to reach the deepest state of meditation effortlessly.  One touch is like a gift that changes one's life.
One hug transforms you. For me it is like being hugged by God. I feel blessed with every moment I spend in Swami Kripananda's presence.



“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Sometimes we do not even know what we are seeking until we find it appear in our lives.  Swami Kripananda arrived out of the blue and I found myself participating in his workshop.  Having a background in Feng Shui and Gigong, and having studied with several grand masters, I immediately recognized his teaching and wisdom to be of very high level.  His ability to teach both universally and specifically at the same time creates a healing and transforming experience.  The combination of his knowledge and humor makes for an amazing, spiritual yoga path.    

Danielle Varanda  Blue Mountain Feng Shui Consultant,

Seattle, Washington USA

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Swami Kripananda's warmth and humor fill the room and you cannot help but smile. He greets everyone with a hug, and he genuinely cares about others. He gives all of himself in his classes, and no two classes are the same. Swami Kripananda adds humor by telling funny stories. He knows so much about the human body and I always walked away having learned something new. One night, I went to class feeling depressed. Swami Kripananda pulled out a chair and had me bend backwards over the chair. Within minutes, I felt elated as a result of that one yoga pose! I began going to Swamiji's  yoga classes in hopes of getting my body back into shape. In the end, I benefited with my entire mind, body AND soul!
Romana B, Chapin, South Carolina, USA. 

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Here is a testimonial you may attribute to "Michael and Filomena F. of  Poughkeepsie, NY":
It is often said that your misfortunes become your fortunes. When my wife and I unsuccessfully tried to start a family, we pursued conventional medical treatment along with holistic care, including yoga and meditation with Swami K. We were immediately blown away by SK's vast knowledge of
Eastern philosophy, the inner workings of the body and all things spiritual.
While we certainly learned the intricacies of numerous yoga poses, we also took away a deeper understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and the true healing nature of yoga as it is meant to be practiced. In addition to a healthy 15-month-old daughter, we have also gained a lifelong friendship and connection. Integrity is not a mental concept; it is an action word. SK shows his integrity in his actions. He is truly dedicated to his work and it shows in his attentiveness to his students. Whether you are considering a class or a more intense retreat (and the hours go by so fast it's incredible), we think SK can lead you along in your journey.
Please feel free to link to that anonymous e-mail address for referrals.
Mike & Filomena F., Poughkeepsie NY

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The old slogan said, "A day without orange juice is like a day without sunshine." Swami Kripananda is spiritual OJ! Part comedian, part mystic, SK molds his retreats based on the needs/abilities of the retreatants and the guidance of the Spirit. No two retreats are alike; no two retreatants will come away with the same experience. Personally, I expected to come away physically sore having exercised muscles I didn't know I had. Instead, I came away feeling "the burn" at my core essence. 

Tom B, Wappingers Falls, New York.

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I found SK at a time in my life when I knew I needed change, and have been grateful to time & fate for allowing our paths to cross.  His teachings, his personality and his dedication to his practice have had a profound effect on me, and I constantly am reminded of how yoga is not all about the exercise of the body, but of the spirit as well.  Each time I meet with him, I come away with a greater understanding of this concept.  He is an exceptional instructor and friend, with a ridiculous sense of humor.  My life is better for knowing him.

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Kathy Nordgren, Licensed Acupuncturist
White Crane Spa
5437 California Avenue SW
Seattle, Washington 98136
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Recently, I attended a Yoga and Meditation Retreat on Vashon Island led by Swami K.  I am an Acupuncturist and a long time yoga practitioner. The retreat was very interesting and I was instructed by Swami in some very deep meditation practices.  I felt very relaxed and my experience with the meditation was very deep and nourishing.  At one point after a meditation, I took my pulses from a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic perspective and I was amazed at their balance and the level of Qi (Vital energy) in my pulses as if I had been infused with lots of energy from ”somewhere”.  Swami was extremely warm and attentive in his instruction and guidance.


(8 Months Later Kathy wrote)

Subject: Cleaning the Vessel

From just cleaning the vessel to filling the vessel: 

Last nite's yoga and meditation was wonderful.  The yoga was very releasing and allowed my body to relax.  Then I prayed with great intent to feel the presence of "somebody"  out there. 

 In the meditation, I felt and saw the "matrix" of the universe or the weave of energy or the "field" between all of us that makes up life.  It was amazing to see all of life being interconnected in a huge beautiful weave of designs.  .I felt like my vessel was being filled.  

Thank you Swamiji .