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From: David D.
Date: Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Healing Report
To: Swami K yogainfo@hotmail.com


My name is David D. I have a background in machining, physics and math, as well as some experiments in high energy electrical physics. I also have an interest in SCUBA diving as well as an interest in alternative health.

I met Swami K. the other day with my girl friend Ariel on a trip to Mt. Rainier, to gather "Glacial Milk". As we were chatting the conversation turned to scientific measurements. We decided to see if any of my rudimentary electrical instrumentation could "pick up" any electrical effect on an energy healing, that Swami K was planning on performing on Ariel. The results were both surprising and reminiscent of certain theories of Electrical Physics, that can be traced back to Nikola Tesla, as well as at least a dozen other luminaries in electrical physics....

My instrumentation consists of nothing more than a stereo amplifier, a headphone set, and an electrical contactor, for making contact with inanimate objects and live bio-systems. Bio-systems (including human beings:) act as electric field and frequency receivers as well as transmitters. You can use a set-up, such as this, to listen to subtle bio-electric frequencies only, or so I thought, more on that in a moment.

Interesting observations can be made on plants, as well as a frequency "syncing" effects, can be observed and even measured (if you had an oscilloscope) on plants. If a person holds the contactor, hooked up to the stereo amplifier and touches another person, you can also hear their bio-frequencies pass all the way through that person's body from the other person; this as well as seeming frequency "blending" or even a "blocking" effect that I have observed in people. You can also observe, on areas where nerve damage has occurred, a drop in the amplitude of the signal from this equipment. One frequency that we all are subject to, here in the US is 60hz, (60 cycles per second). This is due to the frequency of the national power grid. 60hz can be observed as "interference" with this instrumentation that can be heard so far, on all systems I have checked...

The experiment had Ariel sitting in a relaxed meditative state, while Swami K. utilized his "healing" energy abilities. Since I had no way to "clip off" the contactor to Swami K., I used myself as an intermediate contact, and held the contactor in my one hand, while touching his neck with my other hand. I have found, that the neck is a good place to touch to make good electrical contact ,with another person, with this equipment. Swami K. then made Ariel fall to the floor, with his method of healing practice.

What I heard through the headset was astonishing, and reminiscent of "static" electric fields. However the type of static was for a few moments an intermittent "clicking sound" in seeming timed intervals. Another analogy is what one hears when rubbing wool together on a very dry day, more crackling can be heard as charges build on the wool. Also, I could feel what felt like moving electric fields going over my arms.

Most healers that I talk to, about this type of healing work, talk about this "energy" coming in as a type of frequency. From what I have observed here, in this experiment, I might tend to disagree. Tesla had worked with very high voltage electric fields in the 1930's, seeming to draw free electrons from plates in vacuum tubes, or from what is called the "zero point" vacuum electric potential). Tesla called this strange "new" electrical source "teleforce". In addition, it can be noted that there is much that is still unknown, or known, but not put in the proper perspective as a more encompassing theory to the universe and consciousness. It has been observed in the past 15 years that for all of the measured "deep field" movements in Astronomy, 90+% of all the energy and or matter in the universe is unaccounted for. Two other things have also been ignored by the main stream scientific establishment, that is the excess energy in lightning and the theory of electric cosmology.

Ariel described the usual feelings that people feel when Swami K. does this work, with no seeming residuals from my electrical observations. A more detailed and documented experiment and observation, with measurements of Swami K. in action, will be required to draw any conclusions; as I can't make any official claims as of yet. I can say in conclusion, that there were phenomenon, that could be heard as electric field effects. Stay tuned!

Dave d.


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