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About Swami Kripananda


In May 2008, Swamiji was tested with a biofeedback machine while he was conducting a Yoga Meditation Retreat in West Seattle. This is what the facilitator had to say of Swamiji:

"I have tested 38 people on EPFX device and Swami Kripananda was 39th.
I am attaching the two most dramatic differences that I have spotted between his and the other 38 people who were tested.
The first spotted difference was related to the aura. All 38 results more or less are looks like to the first attached Photo. They are  dense red-orange-yellow, with spotted disturbances (two big circles) on it. Swami's aura is light and bluish without disturbance on it.
The second one is unbelievable high level of LIGHT OF SPIRIT (third picture). Basically I had the level under the red line."   Sona Ato.


  Kripa Yoga

Swamiji's Aura


Kripa Yoga Picture

Normal Aura


Kripa Yoga

High Spirituality Meter


Kripa Yoga

Normal Spiritual Meter



Yoga and Meditation for Spiritual Growth
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