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Kripa Yoga Postures are created with the intention of cleansing the body. They are not focused on producing a very flexible body. According to basics of yoga the body is like a vessel that contains the individual spirit. Just as one needs to clean a coffee cup before pouring coffee into it, so also it is necessary for every individual to perform yoga postures before sitting for meditation.


In this section of the website, Swamiji tries to put together the yoga philosophy as contained in the scriptures and explain the yoga postures and yoga breathing patterns. The posturing techniques are taught with the same intensity as they were in the days of the Vedas. Yoga Philosophy is dispersed to the student while performing the yoga postures. There are also lectures that are conducted between asana and pranayama sessions. In Kripa Yoga, the Kripa Foundation is strictly adhered to. "Without the proper foundation the posture will be like the house that was built on sand" says Swamiji. the  Swamiji also introduces healing techniques that can help the aspirant to overcome impediments that come along the path to enlightenment.
To perform yoga postures without following up with meditation is like cleaning a coffee cup and leaving it on the shelf. It's primary purpose is to help us drink coffee. Yoga postures are important in helping one to  prepare for meditation but without meditation they lose their power.
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The Kripa Method (Exercises for Fitness)


There are three bridges that link the physical body to the causal body. They are breath, mind and intelligence. Pranayama or the  4th stage of Yoga helps to use the bridge of breath to lead the practitioner to the causal body. Meditation helps one to use the bridge of mind to move towards the causal body. The bridge of intelligence can be accessed through higher forms of yoga like Shaktipat.
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Himalayan Prayer Postures
Prayer Postures 1
Prayer Postures 2
Prayer Postures 3
Prayer Postures 4
Prayer Postures 5
Prayer Postures 6
Vajroli Postures
Vajroli 1
Vajroli 2
Vajroli 3
Vajroli 4
Vajroli 5
Vajroli 6


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