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The Kripa Method



The Start Position


The 180

Double 180

The 180 Spread

Double 180 Spread

The 90

Double 90

90 Spread

Double 90 Spread

The 45

Double 45

45 Spread

Double 45 Spread

The Converge 1

The Converge 2

The Crunch 1

The Crunch 2

The Crunch 3

The Bicycle

The Parade

The Elevator

The Escalator

The Bounce





In the Kripa Method, the exercises are performed on a yoga mat. The basic requirements for the routine is loose fitting clothes and a yoga mat. All exercises are to be performed while the participant is lying on ones back.
Please try to follow the sequence as shown in the left hand column. If you have any difficulty, please do not hesitate to email Swamiji at info@kripayoga.org
Swamiji has been performing these exercises for many years. It may be necessary for you to get expert medical advice before trying out any or all of these exercises. We will not accept any responsibility for any injuries that may occur during the performance of any of these routines. Best of Luck.
Kripa Yoga Postures are created with the intention of cleansing the body. They are not focused on producing a very flexible body. According to basics of yoga the body is like a vessel that contains the individual spirit. Just as one needs to clean a coffee cup before pouring coffee into it, so also it is necessary for every individual to perform yoga postures before sitting for meditation.


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The Kripa Method (Exercises for Fitness)


There are three bridges that link the physical body to the causal body. They are breath, mind and intelligence. Pranayama or the  4th stage of Yoga helps to use the bridge of breath to lead the practitioner to the causal body. Meditation helps one to use the bridge of mind to move towards the causal body. The bridge of intelligence can be accessed through higher forms of yoga like Shaktipat.
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Himalayan Prayer Postures
Prayer Postures 1
Prayer Postures 2
Prayer Postures 3
Prayer Postures 4
Prayer Postures 5
Prayer Postures 6
Vajroli Postures
Vajroli 1
Vajroli 2
Vajroli 3
Vajroli 4
Vajroli 5
Vajroli 6


Pranayamic breathing exercises coming soon...